Once applied, the vinyl protects the original paint against the extreme meteorological events, flying insects, and even some damages resulting from minor collisions, frequently observed in parking lots. Our wide range of products offers you the possibility to change the color of your vehicle, or simply to protect its original varnish against gravels. The vinyl can also be used as an advertising display.

The manufacturer says between 5 and 7 years ; we recommend 5 years once applied.

The vehicle preserves its original paint left in an unchanged condition since the vinyl has been applied on it. After the removal, our professional wrapper doesn't leave any trace, mark nor effect.

Yes, but if the paint is damaged (scratches, stonechip damage, dents or perforation corrosion), keep in mind that those defects may have an impact on the laying of the vinyl. You should consult us first.

Your car exposure to extreme weather will not modifiy the appearance of the film/vinyl applied, and it's guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The quality of the vinyl isn't affected by gas or diesel, or any other liquid, if washed immediately. As incredible as it seems, in case of vandalism, such as splashes of spray paint for example, the damages can easily be removed with an appropriate solvent. Warning : do not use aggressive cleaning agents (acetone, diluent, etc.).

Our vinyl show more resistance than regular paint facing mechanical damages. The abrasions due to minor impacts can usually be polished ! If the damage is more consequent, in most cases, it leads to tears in the vinyl film. The damaged elements should be removed (a door, the bumper, ...) and recoverd with a new vinyl film.

Yes, it may be covered if expertized by your insurer, as it's considered as an additionnal protection for your vehicle body.

When it's well-done, car washes using rotative brushes won't cause any problems. Bad weather neither. But we strongly recommend not to use a hot wax program.
Is it best to wash

Hand wash is usually preferable for a particular part but you can use this technique for the entire vehicle if you wish. It's a personal choice. But you should avoid hand wash stations that are not used to treat with vinyl covered vehicle.

This method is warmly recommended because vinyl is very easy to clean including the parts that are out of reach. On the other hand, there's still a risk of little disbondings if you insist on angles, or if you're to close to small surfaces. A 140 °F wash, polished with distilled water, won't leave any residue.

No, vinyl is considered as an accessory, so it's not necessary to modify your registration and insurance cards.