Carwrap and Wrapping: Elitewrap is your car wrapper specialist on the French Riviera and Monaco since 2008.

The wrapping is the ideal solution to give your desires a unique and exclusif design for your car!


Car wrapping by Elitewrap

  • TOTAL COVERING : full recovery of your vehicle.
  • PARTIAL COVERING : recovery of certain elements to personalize the vehicle.

The applications of these films have a double effect: the car changes color while protecting the original painting.

We offer a wide range of adhesives - vinyls that can be:

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Pearl
  • Metallised
  • Gloss or matte carbon
  • Chrome colors
  • Chameleon
  • and many others


On the outside of your vehicle, as in its interior, many possibilities are available to you with the wrapping to cover the car integrally or partially.

Following the purchase of a new car, a covering with vinyl guarantees a better conservation of the vehicle and in particular of the original paint of the bodywork. After the removal of the vinyl, you will find a painting intact and identical to the original state, protected and in good condition, without traces of the wrapping.


Guarantees on full or partial wrap:
For the wrapping of your car, we use the best adhesives on the market, of high quality and guaranteed:

1. Thermoformable: stay well in place once laid.
2. Ensuring lasting color: maintaining color fastness and saturation up to 10 years.
3. Stable in all conditions: resist strong frosts and high temperatures.
4. Fully removable: the vinyl can be removed at any time without any alteration of the original paint.
5. Long service life: from 5 to 7 years (factory guarantees).
6. Can be regularly washed in a car wash.
7. Solid: Protects the paint and is highly resistant, regardless of where the body is applied.
8. Flame retardant, non-flammable (attested by factories).
9. Easy to repair: in the event of a collision with another car, the adhesives can easily be replaced only on the damaged part.

TO KNOW : The damages is covered by insurance.

In the event of damage to your wrap caused by an accidental collision with another car, your insurance or that of the person responsible for the accident may cover the repair of the adhesive on the damaged parts, according to the company's policy. insurance. All you need to do is inform the latter and claim the refund.

We recommend that you inform your insurance company and have the wiper installed on your car, if necessary. It is also a good way to increase the selling price of your vehicle.


All our works are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding manufacturer's warranties)